Hospitals, office buildings, schools, public spaces

Now, you have a choice!


A true turnkey solution
Without lifting a finger, your juicing station is consistently restocked, cleaned, monitored, and maintained.


A cold-pressed, chilled orange juice
With all its natural enzymes and nutrients still intact.

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Station Orange is a Montreal based company focused on providing consistently easy access to natural products that benefit your body and mind. Join us as we strive to bring fresh and delicious orange juice to all the places you need to be. No matter if it’s a public setting, workplace, or school, we have the perfect product for you. Believe us, it’ll be worth your while!

Our Juicing Stations
At your service

Innovation at your fingertips

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a juicer

These innovative machines have been manufactured and distributed in Italy since 1969. Station Orange is proud to be introducing them to the Quebec market for the very first time. Right away you’ll notice the durable modern design of our state of the art juicing machines. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness, quality, and taste of our juice, which is why the entire process happens right before your eyes. We’re confident that our juicing stations will help you rediscover the taste of truly fresh orange juice.


Juicing perfection

A uniquely designed system that is guaranteed to produce fresh, healthy juice

Our machines use a vertical juicing system, which maximizes the quantity of juice without contamination from oils, waxes, or pesticides found on orange peels. Our cold juicing process conserves all vitamins, enzymes, and active nutrients naturally occurring in the juice. Try it out – your body will thank you!

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Cutting edge juicing technology

Drink up!

With fresh juice on demand, entertaining videos on the LCD screen, and a door that opens when your juice is ready, Station Orange juicing machines will keep you coming back time and time again. Controlled by a remote GPRS system, we are able to ensure that the juicing process is running optimally at all times. To top it all off, our machines make payment quick and easy – pay by cash, credit, or even debit. Coming soon: pay with the touch of a button from your smartphone! It’s innovation at its finest.


Clean, cleaner, cleanest!

Fully inspected and certified

With an integrated, self-cleaning system, our machines are spic and span in under a minute. The cleaning process is fully customizable according to your needs and is based on time elapsed or volume sold. Our machines use Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada approved products to self-sanitize, and are also hand-cleaned every three days.

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Space-saving juicers

If our standard machines are too big for you, why not try one of our smaller models?

We have juicers of all sizes for you to choose from. Need a self-serve machine for your restaurant, or a fresh new addition to your office’s lunchroom? We have just the product for you. Rest assured that no matter the size, all of our machines are held to the same standard of quality and cleanliness. Rent it, buy it, juice it, and drink it!

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"I want to make fresh, healthy drinks accessible to everyone - no matter if they are tight on time or money. It’s all about keeping it simple!"



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"There are so many orange juice products on the market today that pale in comparison to the real thing. Nothing can compare to freshly squeezed orange juice. Sometimes the old way is the best way!"